About Us.

This is the store of The Burrow Minecraft network, where you can purchase ranks, rank-ups, and other items, such as additional plots. We have been around since May 2014, and are non-profit. We require donations due to the large operating costs required in order to maintain a reliabe server, and to help ensure everyone experiences a great time whilst on the server. By donating you are ensuring the server continues to run, as well as gaining extra features, which we are always working on adding to these ranks.

Why donate?

We understand that a lot of the essential features on the server are given out for free, and so you may be wondering why there is a need to donate. Running a server network is expensive, hence the need for donations. With a lack of donations, we will be unable to fund the operation of our network and the upkeeing. Hence, whilst donating may not give you as much extra in game as elsewhere, donating is vital in order for our network to survive.

Purchase Details.

Donating to the server helps to fund the server, We currently invest more money into the server than is funded via donations. The Burrow is a non-profit organisation, and all money will be used to fund and re-invest in the server. Please note we are a third party organisation and are not Mojang, therefore meaning Mojang / Microsoft aren't involved in the donation process.

If there are any issues with the purchase, such as not receiving the rank purchased, please contact us at support@theburrow.net (it may take a few days for a response), and we will re-issue anything that was meant to happen on purchase. Do not contact either Mojang / Microsoft or MinecraftMarket about purchase issues, as they are providing only software and are not responsible for the store.

All payments and confidential details that you are required to provide are entered while connected over HTTPS to a PayPal server, meaning you aren't subject to man in the middle attacks. This is why our store doesn't have a green padlock (HTTPS), as there is no private information being transmitted to the site itself. If you feel more comfortable having HTTPS to this site too, please click here to be redirected to another version of this site with HTTPS.

Terms and Conditions.

By using this store, you agree to our terms and conditions, which can be found here. Please remember that donating doesn't make you immune to punishments, and you will still be punished for breaking rules.

Payments are powered by PayPal. Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can just use a credit / debit card through the PayPal gateway.

25% off!

As an introduction to the addition of our 'extra plots' range on the store, we're offering 25% off all ranks and rank-ups, in addition to 25%+ off all extra plot purchases (discount grows as package size grows). Offer ends 30/9/17. Discount is already included in price displayed on store, no discount code required.

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